Music suggestions?


I wanna try listening to new songs, groups, solo artists, kpop, jpop, cpop, any kind of music really. My Itunes is mainly filled with kpop but I wanna expand my music collection so I have a few questions to ask you guises (y’all don’t have to answer every question lol)!!!

What is a song you can’t…

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( by milstein0327)

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Benefits of taking oregano oil (but please ask your doctor or pharmacist if it will interact with your current medications)
Fights respiratory illnesses (taken orally or put in a diffuser)
Helps some gastrointestinal issues (taken orally)
Kills parasites in the human body (taken orally)
Helps fix skin problems such as cold sores, muscle aches, nail fungus, joint pain and dandruff when rubbed onto the skin (can be diluted before putting onto skin, I personally don’t dilute it)
Is a natural insect repellent (put some on your outdoor furniture, note it might stain furniture so do a test drop, or apply on your skin if you’d like) 
There are over hundreds and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were thousands of benefits from taking oregano oil
When taking oregano orally it’s best to dilute it with olive oil or water. Wherever you buy oregano oil the workers should know all the information about using the oil. Be sure to tell a worker/pharmacist/doctor (a lot of doctors and pharmacists don’t know how to use oregano oil because they aren’t usually taught natural medicines so make sure to ask a worker in the store you bought it in) what you’ll be using the oil for (example for a cold) and ask how you should go about it using it. Oregano oil kills bacteria in the human body but we need our good bacteria so it’s best to take probiotics while using the oil. Also do lots of research on the oil, it’s strong (not deadly) but should be used in moderation!
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雨ニモマケズ 雨ん歩へ。
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